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Thursday, August 02, 2007

THIS is Ming the Merciless?

Ewwwwww.... what the hell? Seriously, this guy's got third-string, nameless henchperson written all over him. Or maybe Ming's lawyer. But Ruler of the Universe?

I mean, not even a goatee?


I dunno. Maybe this guy's such a good actor that we'll be able to get past the most uninspired, off-the-rack sci-fi villain costume ever and stupid rubber brain headpiece.... and be blown away by his awesome malevolence and terrifying presence...

But somehow, I doubt it.

I can't imagine that this guy'll be making anyone forget Charles Middleton or Max Von Sydow any time soon.


Charles Gramlich said...

Ewww, that guy does not look like a good Ming. Congrats on having a character make the private Eye list. I read the two stories you linked too. Very good.

Glen said...

Ming the Merciless, despot of the planet Mongo, should not look like a doofus.