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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mystery Scene's Top 100 Private Eyes

I just found out that my pal Kevin Burton Smith, proprietor of the Thrilling Detective website, has written an article for the 100th issue of Mystery Scene magazine wherein he names the top 100 private eyes created since the magazine's debut in 1985.

To my complete surprise, he included my character, Portland P.I. Matthew Dain, among such luminaries as Robert Crais' Elvis Cole, Andrew Vachss' Burke, Stuart Kaminsky's Lew Fonesca, Walter Mosley's Easy Rawlins, and TV's Veronica Mars and Adrian Monk.

Listed alphabetically, Dain comes in at #16: "16 Matthew Dain (Christopher Mills) In just two short stories, Mills created an eye as memorably dark and brooding as the Maine woods he calls home."

Now, personally, I think Kevin's being too generous, but I'm flattered and honored, nonetheless. If you want to read the two Matt Dain stories he references and decide for yourself, they can be found here and here. But if you decide Dain doesn't belong on the list (and I'm not certain he does!), take it up with Kevin.

Mystery Scene #100 is on newstands now, I think.

(Thanks to Glen for letting me know!)

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Craig Zablo said...

Big congrats, Boss!