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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Still Among the Living

Apologies for the deathly silence both here and at Guns In the Gutters.

Been very busy behind-the-scenes, so to speak; lettering the first issue of my Kolchak: Night Stalker of the Living Dead miniseries for Moonstone (the cover art above is by Dave Aikens), working on various scripts and short stories, revising websites, watching movies for my DVD column... etc.

Nothing much new to report. Saw Spider-Man 3. Liked it, but, like X-Men 3, was vaguely dissatisfied. I think they should have left the Venom storyline out completely.

A cool new horror DVD worth checking out is Altered, a very effective and strikingly different horror movie by writer Jamie Nash and director Eduardo Sánchez. My pal James Chambers wrote up a "guest" review of it that should be appearing on my DVD Late Show site this weekend. He liked it, too.

I've also been doing more reading. In the last couple of weeks, I re-read all of Lin Carter's Jandar of Callisto series, and Gardner Fox's two "Llarn" novels. I've also finally broken down under my wife's constant urgings, and started reading the Harry Potter novels. I think she's tired of me asking her to explain the gaping plot holes in the films. Anyway, I'm trying to get caught up before the new movie comes out.

Well, that's it for now. I'll try and post more often. I need to get back to some graphic novel reviews for Gutters, too.


Glen said...

I didn't know you were a letterer, too.

Whatever happened to those dvd covers you used to do?

Keep on keeping on.

Christopher Mills said...

I've been lettering all my own comics for several years, and have done a handful of freelance jobs, including a an educational comic that Joe Staton drew.

As for the DVD covers... The jobs just dried up. Client chose to do their work in-house, I guess.

Glen said...

Too bad...For them.

Craig Zablo said...

Welcome back, boss!