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Friday, April 13, 2007

News: Flash?

Well, apparently, they're moving ahead with the new SciFi Channel Flash Gordon series after all.

Actor Eric Johnson, 28, who played Clark Kent's romatic rival "Whitney" on the first season or so of Smallville has been cast as Flash.

None of the other roles have yet been filled, although the show's supposed to debut in August. That bodes well...

No real opinion on this guy as yet. He's blond, so they won't have to go the bleach route that so plagued Buster Crabbe, and he's got a good chin. He's also not quite as young as I thought he was – 28 is a pretty good age for Flash... if they let him play that. If they go the "teen" route with this, I'm going to be pissed.

As I recall, though, wasn't he so boring on Smallville that they wrote him out of the show by having him join the Marines and be killed in Iraq?

Oh well. Still hoping that this show doesn't suck and kill the franchise for another decade. I also still haven't heard if it's going to be updated or not – but I bet it will.

I hate Hollywood. But I love movies/TV. Go figure.


Bill Spangler said...

Heard a couple of things about the new "Flash" which may be positive:
--the pilot is being written by someone who used to work for "Charmed." I'm not a fan of "Charmed," but this indicates that they know they can't go Dark & Gritty on this one.
-- the new Mongo is being described as "another dimension." This is a minor point, but I was never sure where the planet Mongo was in relationship to Earth. I know about its original status as a runaway planet, but I read a fair number of "Flash" strips from the mid-70s, where there were regular flights from Mongo to Earth and (I think) a fair number of Earthlings on Mongo. I never really understood how they got to that point. (As long as they keep the art deco rockets on Mongo) Anyway, my fingers are crossed too.

Glen said...

I am not getting my hopes up too high.

This guy doesn't seem to have any charisma.

I won't make my mind up till I see who they get to play Dale.

Christopher Mills said...

I'm more concerned about how they handle Ming.