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Monday, April 16, 2007

Kolchak Art

Back in September, I showed you some of Tim Hamilton's art from the first issue of the upcoming Kolchak: Night Stalker of the Living Dead miniseries that I've written for Moonstone.

Well, for various reasons – mostly because of my health issues – progress on this series has been somewhat slow, but I do have some cool pages from Issue #2 that I can share with you, penciled and inked by Tim Hamilton.

This scene represents Carl Kolchak's, and the local female sheriff's, first encounter with the cannibalistic ghoulies of the title (the first three panels on Page 2 are Kolchak on a plane, narrating his adventure into his recorder), before jumping into her patrol car and taking off. Most of page four is a monologue of sorts, with Carl explaining a bit about his experiences as a "wierdness magnet."

Frankly, I think Tim is doing an amazing job.

I'm supposed to be seeing the colored pages from Issue #1 soon, 'cause I'll be lettering the book, too. When those show up, I'll try and preview a page or two here.



Anonymous said...

The art looks good!

Glen Davis said...

I remember the art you showed in September. It was great, and Tim has kept the bar high. The true test will be when the color pages come, but so far it looks great.

Tim Hamilton said...

And I just sent you more!
Able to work on it more just now.
Glad you all like it. It's a fun story so far.