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Friday, March 09, 2007

It's still a ways away...

... but I thought you might like to see the cover design/logo treatment I'm working on for the forthcoming Femme Noir: The Dark City Diaries miniseries that Joe Staton and I are doing for Ape Entertainment (publishers of Athena Voltaire and The Black Coat).

I'm pretty proud of the layout. Even though Joe calls the series "retro-pastiche," I didn't want to go with a blatant 30's or 40's -styled cover treatment. Sure, the font is retro/deco, but I wanted a more contemporary "book" approach to the design rather than do an outright pulp magazine or Golden Age comic book homage.

The cover illustration above – which, yes, I've shown around before – was penciled by Joe Staton and then digitally painted by Alfredo Lopez, Jr. All four covers will be done in this manner.

Of course, being comics, we'll also have "variant" covers by guest artists, most of which we already have lined up (artists to be announced soon!). Still looking for a fourth "name" to fill out the roster, though.

I don't suppose anyone reading this has Bruce Timm's e-mail address?


Glen said...

Very nice. The fishnets are a nice touch. Comic book fans do seem to love women in fishnets.

Craig said...

Nize! High five!

Now if Ape Entertainment would bring back GraveDigger!

Christopher Mills said...

Glen: I know I do. Black Canary and Zatanna made big impressions on me as a youth...

Craig: If someone could persuade Rick Burchett to draw more Gravedigger, I'm certain I could find a publisher. But, despite my best efforts, I haven't gotten him to come around yet.