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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Top Ten: Fictional Characters

Over on Chuck Dixon's message board, the question was posed: who are your top ten favorite fictional characters? So here's mine, in no particular order:

James Bond – from both Ian Fleming's books and the movies
Tarzan – from both Edgar Rice Burroughs' books and the movies
John Gaunt a/k/a Grimjack
Dick Grayson a/k/a Robin, Nightwing
Parker – from the Richard Stark novels
Mike Hammer – from Mickey Spillane's novels (and I like Stacy Keach's version, too)
Matt Helm – from the Donald Hamilton novels
Richard Wentworth a/k/a The Spider
James Tiberius Kirk
Sherlock Holmes

Runners-up: Sinbad the Sailor, Batman, Carl Kolchak, Lawrence Talbot, Conan, Indiana Jones, Flash Gordon and John Carter.


Anonymous said...

My top ten, as of today and subject to change?

Karl Wagner's Kane
Howard's Bran Mak Morn
ERB's John Carter
Ken Bulmer's Dray Prescot
JDM's Travis McGee
Poul Anderson's Flandry
Louis L'Amour's Rye Tyler
Jim Kjelgaard's Desert Dog
Howard's Conan
David Gemmell's Druss

The Spider would make honorable mention. I'd like to have some Spider stuff to read.

I found your site through Sid William's blog. Good stuff.

Charles Gramlich

Anonymous said...

Those are all favorites for me too. Others for me include Philip Marlowe and Lew Archer.

Anonymous said...

Hum, I tried to comment on your blog twice but nothing seemed to go through. I riffed off your post over on my blog about fictional characters. I found the link through Sid Williams' blog.

Charles Gramlich