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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

ComicSpace: the Final Frontier...

I pretty much enjoy my time on MySpace. I have met some cool people there, been able to spread the word some about my work, and there's no question that the recent financial crisis with my kitty was helped considerably by my Friends there.

But lately I've been doing most of my blogging here, and the number of legitimate MySpace Friend Requests I've been receiving has been dwindling. Lately, it's all naked ladies and hip-hop musicians, and I really don't think they're all that interested in me or my work, actually, just artificialiy inflating their "Friend" numbers.

The last few days, I've been spending a lot more time over on ComicSpace, which is kind of like MySpace for comics fans and professionals. Over there, I feel like I actually have at least one thing in common with every single person on my Friends list – a love for comics.

Right now, it's skewed toward webcomics creators and fans, but a number of print guys are starting to join in. Warren Ellis, who has always known the value of the viral nature of the web for self-promotion, signed on early, and a number of other recognizable names have followed suit.

In doing my comics on the web over the past few years, I've gotten an awful lot of attitude from both webcomics folks and print folks. The dead trees folks tend to look down on the web guys, and the webcomics folks tend to be dismissive of print comics – and both groups are damned snobbish. I'm hoping that with ComicSpace, the two communities will actually start to come together, and realize that it's all about the comics, and that's what really matters.

The site's only a few days old, and doesn't offer all the features that MySpace does, but it's still evolving. It's going to be fun seeing if it can keep pace with its rapidly growing membership and fulfill some of its great potential.

If you're interested, you can find me over there on this page. I've also set up another page to preview and promote the upcoming Femme Noir miniseries I'm doing with Joe Staton.

If you're a comics fan or pro, you should check it out.

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