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Friday, December 15, 2006


I have once again contributed a special DVD Late Show column to IDW Publishing's DOOMED magazine.

The article appears in Issue #4, which hit the shelves last week.

I understand there's some pretty good comic book adaptations of classic horror stories in there, too. Stuff like Robert Bloch's "Ego Trip," F. Paul Wilson's "Faces," David Schow's "Coming Soon To A Theater Near You," and Richard Matheson's "Legion of Plotters," featuring horrific art from Ashley Wood, Toby Cypress, Rufus Dayglo, and Dario Bruzuela. Plus a Richard Matheson retrospective, and words of loathing from Ms. Doomed, of course. Spectrum Award-winning artists Ashley Wood and Jeremy Geddes provide macabre covers.

Sounds like it's definitely worth your money.

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