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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Cover(s): SPACE DETECTIVE

Joe Orlando/Wally Wood
If ever there was a comic book tailor-made to my tastes, it has to be Avon's Rod Hathaway, Space Detective, published from July of 1951 to July of '52 - for a total of four issues. I've never actually seen or read a copy, but from the covers - Issue #1 by Joe Orlando, inked by Wally Wood! - and the story titles featured thereon ("Opium Smugglers of Venus," "Sea Nymphs of Neptune," "Metal Murderers of Mars," et al), I suspect I'd love every page! Here's all four covers for your enjoyment!

Wally Wood/Joe Orlando
Everett Raymond Kinstler
Gene Fawcette
Cover scans and credits courtesy of the Grand Comics Database.


Britt Reid said...

You CAN read the adventures of Space Detective!
Here's some background about him along with the inside front covers for his four-issue run, which are as cool as the covers...
And here's the first adventure...
...written by Walter Gibson (aka Maxwell Grant, author of The Shadow pulp series) and illustrated by Orlando & Wood!

El Vox said...

Those do looking interesting. Great art.

Thanks for the head's up too BrittReid