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Thursday, January 17, 2013


I'll be placing my pre-order for the Twilight Time Blu-ray release of In Like Flint as soon as it becomes available tomorrow afternoon. 

The company did a great job with the first Derek Flint film, Our Man Flint, which I received last week. While I had some minor issues with the picture quality of the video transfer (shame that 20th Century Fox didn't provide Twilight Time with a better master), the new supplements were worth the price of the disc all by themselves. John Cork and his Cloverland crew did a terrific job on the new retrospective featurettes, and it was cool to see my online blog "buddy," Matthew Bradford (alias "Tanner" of the great Dounle-O Section blog) onscreen as one of the talking heads.

As much as I enjoy the first Flint film, I have a slight preference toward its sequel. It's not really as good as its predecessor - and somewhat more overtly comic - but it was the first Derek Flint adventure I saw as a teenager (on the WCSH 6 Sunday morning "Great Show" movie). At the time, I was just becoming the James Bond/superspy fan that I am today, and In Like Flint was really the first of the Bond imitators/spoofs I ever saw.

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Tanner said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Christopher! I agree with you. I also have a slight preference for the sequel, even though, as you say, it's not really as GOOD a movie, and not as well directed. (Though The President's Analyst has them both beat!)