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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

DVD Late Show In 2013

After some erratic posting in the last third of 2012 (missing half of November and all of December entirely, somehow), a new review appeared today at my DVD Late Show website: the new Warner Archive release of 1989's Superboy - The Complete Second Season.

Before the end of the day, I'll be posting a review of the recent Scorpion Releasing DVD of Greydon Clark's 1983 teen comedy, Joysticks, and on Friday, I'll have looks at Severin Film's new Blu-ray of the manly merc adventure The Wild Geese and Warner Archive's pre-Code torrid tropical melodrama, Red Dust, with Clark Gable & Jean Harlow.

My goal is to try to settle into a  Monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule at the Late Show, as long as I have review discs on hand. On my desk at the moment are plenty of DVDs and Blu-rays to get me through January, including Outlaw Brothers, Ashanti, The Definitive Document of The Dead, Godzilla Vs Biollante, A Cat In Paris, Captain Cornelius Cartoon's Cartoon Lagoon Vol. 1, Overtime, and more.

I've been writing and posting DVD (and later, Blu-ray) reviews under the DVD Late Show banner since 2005. That's over 700 reviews, so far. I'm going to try and get at least a 100 more done this year... as long as the discs keep coming and people still find my reviews informative and entertaining.

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