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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sherlock Holmes, Ninjas, and Cavemen

The Warner Archive online store not only offers their own line of Manufactured-On-Demand DVDs, but also carries the MOD lines from Sony and MGM. Right now, they're having a sale on those titles - three MGM or Sony MOD discs for $45. The sale ends Sunday, so I jumped and ordered three cult films I've wanted in my DVD library for a long time.

A Study In Terror - the 1965 Sherlock Holmes thriller, starring John Neville as Holmes. A terrific pastiche, pitting the Great Detective against Jack the Ripper. More pulpy than the similar Murder By Decree.

Pray For Death - arguably the best of Sho Kosugi's Eighties ninja vehicles.

 Yor, The Hunter From The Future - the wild and weird saga of caveman Reb Brown and his adventures fighting dinosaurs and laser-wielding aliens. Utterly crazy stuff from director Antonio Margheriti.

I can't wait...


Anonymous said...

Is Lestrade played by the same actor in both films?

Christopher Mills said...

Yes. Frank Finlay plays Lestrade in both A Study In Terror and Murder By Decree. Anthony Quayle also appears in both films (in different roles).

Rod Barnett said...

Hey! If you're interested we just did a massive podcast on YOR. Its the second episode of The Bloody Pit and can be had on iTunes.