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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Character Art by Barreto

Cool, huh? This is Olu, one of Sinbad's crew in The Coils of the Serpent, the Sinbad graphic novel I'm developing with Eduardo Barreto. Eduardo's working on the first chapter now, and I'm hoping to see some finished pages shortly. Then, I'll be putting together a pitch package for publishers again.

This is fun.


The Acrobatic Flea said...

This and a new Sinbad film around the corner, us fans are being spoiled!

Really looking forward to your graphic novel - hanging on every announcement, waiting to see when I can get my pre-order in :)

Christopher Mills said...

Although we did some developmental work on this years ago, Eduardo and I are just starting to put it together, and don't even have a publisher yet.

Still, I'm optimistic.

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to your new Sinbad the Sailor graphic novel. Sinbad has always been my all-time favorite literary superhero! In this new graphic, I am hoping to see some of original seven voyages illustrated, most
importantly Sinbad's thrilling adventure with the murderous demon The Old Man of the Sea, who perches himself on Sinbad's shoulders and then refuses to dismount until Sinbad dies from exhaustion and fatigue.

Christopher Mills said...

I'm sorry to say that The Old Man of the Sea will not appear in our graphic novel. Ours is an original story that will include nods to the original 7 voyages, but will otherwise be all new.

Back in the 1980s, there was a Sinbad comic book by R. A. Jones that was a more literal adaptation of the legend, including the Old Man of the Sea.