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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jonah hexed

Sigh. The theatrical trailer for Jonah Hex, starring Josh Brolin and Megan Fox, is now up at Yahoo! Movies and other places around the web. Sadly, it looks more like a sequel to the Will Smith Wild Wild West than A Fistful of Dollars.

Gut reactions: Brolin's make-up seems very 1980's. Megan Fox really doesn't have any talent, does she? Those line readings are right out of a porno.

And Hex has a super power now? To talk to the dead? Why?

So much for the idea that Warner Bros was getting their shit together when it came to the DC Comics properties. This thing looks right in line with Catwoman and Steel.


Craig Zablo said...

Just read your comments about Jonah Hex - after posting my thoughts on the same on my blog -- we are definitely on the same page. Wish the folks behind the movie were as well.

Tenkar said...

It is DC ya know. Batman is about the only property they have gotten right recently.

I'll wait for the video on this. Walmart bargain bin ;)

Brutorz Bill said...

What the?!!
Teach me to look forward to this movie.
What a bunch of &$#*(&$!

StacyHD said...

Synchronicity. I too was put in mind of the Kevin Kline/Will Smith debacle that was The Wild Wild West. Gatling guns strapped to a horse? And Jonah out to avenge his murdered family? He's got to be the 19th century Punisher now? Didn't they do that already at Marvel Comics with A Man Called Frank? Hrrrgh.

El Vox said...

My expectations weren't high for this or any comic book to movie franchise. When they get it right, I think it's by luck. I think Hollywood's main take on comics is still the same: action, explosions, and not much story or character development.

I did enjoy the recent Batman films, and Watchmen, but those seem to be the recent exceptions. I thought Superman Returns was flat out boring. Who knows though, you never know...

Lance said...

Unfortunately, Hollywood's take is solely based on one factor and one factor alone: what was the tone of the movie that made a billion dollars. After "Dark Knight," everything should be dark. After "Avatar," everything should be in 3D.

Not to mention most moviegoers don't read comics, much less read PERIOD. They're going to go to whatever Hollywood throws at them (action, explosions, and not much story or character development), and want more, hence the vicious cycle continues.

Forget WB. That's how Hollywood works, and that's why I so rarely go to movies anymore.

Christopher Mills said...

Movies have ALWAYS been a profit-driven medium. It's always been about making the most money possible, it's always been cynical, and it's always been about appealing to the lowest common denominator....


...good movies still manged to get made. Original ideas managed to occasionally appear. Faithful adaptations occurred once in a while.

And still do, sometimes.

I LOVE movies. Cinema is my greatest passion and I always WANT to like a film. I always hold out hope that a movie I'm interested in won't suck, and I keep looking forward to new movies with my fingers crossed.

Doesn't mean I can't be disappointed or frustrated when a movie ends up disappointing or frustrating -- but it doesn't mean I have to give up hoping, either.