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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Cover: Captain Midnight

This week's cover – and it's going up very late, sorry – is a bit different, as it's not yet a comic book. You may remember some time back (almost two years ago), I mentioned that I was working on a revival of the old radio/serial/comic book/TV aviator hero Captain Midnight for Moonstone Books. Well, artist Richard Clark and I are finally getting it together.

This is our proposed cover for the Captain Midnight "Zero Issue." The painting is by Rich, and the logo and trade dress are my work. You're seeing it pretty much the same time that the publisher is. Enjoy.


Bill Spangler said...

Well, I hope the publisher likes it. I definitely do.

bish8 said...

Great cover. I'd by the book on the strength of the cover alone - which, I guess, is the point.

Chad Carter said...

Basically, you men have created a comic just for me. The character design is beautiful.

Christopher Mills said...

The publisher was quite pleased with the cover. More MIDNIGHT news soon!