Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New DVD Column Up!

My latest DVD Late Show column for Forces of Geek has been posted.

This edition includes reviews of Transporter 3 (which you've already read), Quantum of Solace, The World Is Not Enough (Blu-Ray), Goldfinger (Blu-Ray), Moonraker (Blu-Ray), Andy Richter Controls the Universe – The Complete Series, Escape From Witch Mountain, Return to Witch Mountain, Pinocchio - 70th Anniversary Edition (Blu-Ray), and Space Angel Collection #1 in glorious SynchroVox!

Here's a direct link. Enjoy!


Martin Powell said...

Always fun to read your reviews, Chris.

As for Blu-Ray...I'm protesting it until the original KING KONG and the Universal Monsters get their well-deserved treatment.

My dvds honestly look more than great enough for me.

Christopher Mills said...

DVDs *are* fine; I still get plenty.

We got our Blu-Ray player as a gift from my in-laws, but the discs are pricey. So, by reviewing Blu-Ray discs in my column, I sometimes get free ones from the studios! ;)

El Vox said...

I recently saw the new Pinocchio, great art and I'd forgotten most of the story.