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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday Cover: Madame Buccaneer

Well, buckle my swash!

I don't know who painted the cover above, nor have I read the book – though I'd certainly like to – but as I was searching the interweb for a scan of a different Gold Medal paperback, I stumbled across this artwork and fell in love with it. As a big fan of both writer Gardner F. Fox and lady pirates, how could I not?

For those unfamiliar with the late Mr. Fox, he was a prolific Silver Age comics writer and author of the Kothar and Kyrik sword & sorcery paperbacks in the 1970's. He's best known for long runs on the Justice League of America and the Adam Strange feature in Mystery in Space. In fact, I just got the big, 500+ page DC Showcase Presents collection of Adam Strange tales and I'm really digging it.


Bill Spangler said...

I've got a couple of Fox's non-SF paperbacks, but nothing with a cover like this. Nice!

Paul Bishop said...

If you're into lady pirates, check out Don MacGregors comic vixen Ldy Rawhide!

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm with you. That's cool. I quite enjoyed Fox's run on Kyrik and Kothar, especially the first Kyrik. I still remember the cover of a barbarian riding a pterosaur looking creature with a gorgeous green nearly naked babe clinging to his leg. I read one of Fox's westerns recently and found it pretty poor but I would like to see this one.

Christopher Mills said...

Charles – have you read Fox's "Llarn" sword & planet books? There's two of them -- WARRIOR OF LLARN and THIEF OF LLARN -- and they're really quite imaginative.