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Monday, March 31, 2008

KOLCHAK Review @ Comics Bulletin

There's a nice review up over at Comics Bulletin of the first issue of my Kolchak Tales: Night Stalker of The Living Dead miniseries.
Mills knows the premise is old. So he wisely enlivens the deceased dog with inventive, well constructed characters such as a sheriff of the female persuasion who Carl attempts to woo. Mills even deepens the characterization of some of the victims that are briefly seen. Kolchak of course is pitch perfect, and I like how Mills does not forget his experience in dealing with matters of the outré.

The art by Tim Hamilton and Ian Sokoliwski is suitably dark but neither dreary nor murky. Instead, it creates atmosphere without going too over the top. There's a blue sky in Nebraska, almost as blue as the Sheriff's blouse, and the colors at the fair are bright in contrast to the inky shadows.
And yes. I am going to keep posting links to reviews & interviews & such. It's that "Shameless Self-Promotion" thing, you know?

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