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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Godzilla films still M.I.A.

I was exchanging some e-mails with my pal Tony Isabella, and was giving him the rundown on the current state of Godzilla on DVD. With the forthcoming special editions of ALL MONSTERS ATTACK (a/k/a GODZILLA'S REVENGE) and THE TERROR OF MECHAGODZILLA by Classic Media, all but three of the Toho Godzilla series will be legally available on Region 1 DVD.

The exceptions? GODZILLA 1985, GODZILLA VS. BIOLLANTE, and everybody's favorite:


Hey, I'd been looking for an excuse to run another Godzilla vid for a while, and how can you not love this trailer, with its seemingly-endless shots of Big G's head cutting through the surf, multiple re-uses of Megalon firing ray blasts from his mega-cockroach forehead, and Jet Jaguar being called "Robotman?"

You know though, as goofy as Megalon is, in the Godzilla videogames, he's a real badass....

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