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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Updated: The Night Driver On Sale!

A month or so ago, I posted here that my first graphic novel, The Night Driver, was on sale at your local comic shops. I based that assumption on the fact that I had received a couple of comp copies in the mail. Well, apparently, those were very early "approval" copies, and the rest of the print run was (literally) on a slow boat from China.

Well, the folks at Moonstone tell me that the book is now definitely available.

Purely a work-for-hire assignment, I was commissioned by CinemaGraphix last year to adapt a screenplay by John Cork (Bond Girls Are Forever) into graphic novel form, and it was illustrated by newcomer Christopher Legasse. Although the story isn't my own, it was a real challenge to take a script intended for film (which has sound and motion) and make it work in comics form (static images and text), especially as it's a suspense story, a decidedly unusual genre for comic books.

Overall, I think the final book turned out pretty well. I hope that it does well for Moonstone and CinemaGraphix, and I want to thank CGX honchos and Ed Polgardy and Darin Scott for the opportunity to work on the project. It was a challenge, but I learned a lot.

I recently stumbled upon a pretty decent review of the book here.

If you can't find a copy at your local comics shop, I'm sure the fine folks at Moonstone will be happy to sell you one! You can also find a great deal on the book over at Amazon.

And don't forget, The Spider Chronicles, the new pulp fiction anthology featuring my short story, "The Spider and the Monster Makers," should be on sale in the next few weeks.

It too can be purchased through Amazon at a decent discount, although with all the other talented writers that contributed to it – John Jakes, Mort Castle, Bill Crider, Shannon Denton, Chuck Dixon, Steve Englehart, Joe Gentile, Ron Fortier, Rich Harvey, John Helfers, CJ Henderson, Howard Hopkins, James Anthony Kuhoric, Elizabeth Massie, Will Murray, Rafael Nieves, Ann Nocenti, Martin Powell, Richard Valley, & Robert Weinberg – it's pretty much a bargain at any price.

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