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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Femme Noir Preview

It's still a long way away, but I thought I'd post the first two pages of the first issue of Femme Noir: The Dark City Diaries here as both a preview and as a welcome to our new colorist, Melissa Kaercher. These two pages landed her the gig.

The 4-issue miniseries will be coming from Ape Entertainment, hopefully before the end of the year. Pencils by Joe Staton, inks by Horacio Ottolini, story, script & letters by yours truly.

I'll post more art over the next few months.

Click on the images for a larger version.


Glen Davis said...

Looks great. I've been looking forward to this for I don't know how long.

Any Perils on Planet X news?

Christopher Mills said...

Yeahj, it seems like we've been working on this forever... and still ahve a ways to go. But we'll get there, and I think it will have been worth the wait.

As for POPX, our publisher went out of business but Gene Gonzales is still plugging away at the art. Hopefully, we'll find a new publisher by the time the work's done.