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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

High Adventure, 80's Style!

As a follow-up to last month's post about my two favorite 80's "pulp" adventure series, here's the opening credits to Tales of the Gold Monkey:

Enjoy. (This is probably the highest quality vid I've found on YouTube!)

And a vintage TV Guide ad for Bring 'Em Back Alive:
Great art, even if the ad copy leaves a little to be desired.... "Who's sizzling" indeed?


Bill Spangler said...

I don't have the title in front of me, but there's a "Quantum Leap" episode where Sam leaps onto a plane in flight. There are a couple exterior shots of the cockpit, and you can clearly lead the phrase "Cutter's Inter-island Transportation Service," or something very close to that.

Bill Spangler said...

That should've been "read the phrase" in my first comment. D'oh!

Anonymous said...

That is some handsome art. I've seen a lot of modern illustrators emulate that 30s adventure poster style (Drew Struzan being the king) and I have to admit, I prefer the more recent work (the last 30 years) to the originals.