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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Wednesday Cover: Bomba!

Having just finished the first volume of Monogram Bomba The Jungle Boy movies on DVD from Warner Archive (review at DVD Late Show soon), I'm still in a jungle adventure mode. So, this week, I've got the cover of DC Comics' Bomba The Jungle Boy #5, published in 1968. The Grand Comic Database credits Jack Sparling with this striking cover illustration.

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Anonymous said...

This was the only issue of DC's Bomba comic that I ever had. I was a fan of Tarzan and Korak, and considered them to be the Real Thing. Bomba and Marvel's Ka-Zar seemed derivative. I tend to think of Sparling as a cartoonist/comedy artist (he did DC's campy Plastic Man comic in the late 1960's), so it's a little surprising to see his work on a "serious" adventure comic. At the time (I was eight), I would not have known one artist from another.