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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wednesday(-ish) Cover: UFO Flying Saucers

This Gold Key comic was one of the few I used to buy in the 70s that would actually scare me. The DC and Charlton horror/mystery comics didn't phase me at all, but UFO Flying Saucers - that creeped the hell out of me. Each issue had several stories (by the usual Gold Key/Western stalwarts: Frank Bolle, Jack Sparling, Dan Spiegel, etc.), each purporting to be true tales of encounters with Unidentified Flying Objects, their alien pilots, or other extraterrestrial phenomena. And none of them were very pleasant.

Witness this cover, from issue #9, which was one of the half-dozen or so issues I had. The Grand Comic Database tentatively identifies the artist as Luis Dominguez. Human experimentation. Targeting random Earthlings with the video gunsight of some big, weird weapon. Otherworldly humanoid aliens going about their grim work, coldly, without emotion.... Brrrrrrr.....


Daryl said...

Loved this series. Gold Key had a certain weirdness to their titles, at once both straight-laced and other-worldly, a stark contrast to the "big two."

El Vox said...

That is a creepy cover, I have a few Gold Keys, but never heard of this run. I ran into some Star Trek Gold Keys at a used books store, I think I'll pick up soon.