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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dragon Crusaders

Well, The Asylum has another fantasy film on the way from writer/director/cinematographer Mark Atkins, Dragon Crusaders. I tend to enjoy Atkins' films more than many of the others produced by the microbudget studio, and am still quite a fan of his 2008 fantasy, Merlin And The War Of The Dragons (although I was less impressed by the 2009 follow-up Dragonquest). Well, here we are with dragons again (the better to take advantage of existing CGI models and animation, no doubt), but it looks like the story - a pretty standard fantasy plot - has been tailored to the small budget (no "big" armies evident this time) and that the filmmakers have returned to the gorgeous Welsh locations that so enhanced their Merlin picture.

What the hell. I'm looking forward to it. Might be fun.

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