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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A Request from The Secret Squadron

If you read and enjoyed the Captain Midnight Chronicles, I humbly request that you post your thoughts about the book on the Amazon product page.

There's an apparent organized smear campaign against our version of the character going on, and while everyone's entitled to their opinion, I find it difficult to believe that no one who bought our book enjoyed it. Of course, people who like something are less inclined to publicly voice that opinion than those who don't - especially when they have an axe to grind.

A lot of talented authors contributed stories to the book, though, and it pisses me off to see their hard work slammed by people with their own, personal agendas and narrow-minded view of the property.

I want to be clear, though - I'm looking for reader reviews (if there are any), not attacks on any other customer reviewers on the site. If you genuinely enjoyed it - or even if you didn't, as long as your complaints are honest and valid - please post a review so there can be a slightly more balanced view of the material available for other potential Amazon buyers.


Nachtwulf said...

Done... it should show up in a day or so, and Good Work BTW.

(PS... you owe me a Code-O-Gram)


bish8 said...

Done and done. Hopefully, we'll turn the tide . . .

Christopher Mills said...

All I want is a more fair sampling of readers' reactions to our book. I'm not looking for "shills." But we all know that it's the complainers that usually are the loudest.

I know the book isn't perfect, but there's some sincere and exciting work in there by some talented writers, and I think our interpretation of the character is an honest and valid one.