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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TEN TV Shows I Want on DVD - The Video Edition

I'm not saying that they're all good shows - but I would still love to have theses series on DVD - especially Batman, Karen Sisco and Thundarr. Runners-up that didn't quite make the list include the Warner Bros. P.I. shows from the 60's (77 Sunset Strip, Hawaiian Eye, Bourbon Street Beat, Surfside 6), The Green Hornet, The Six Million Dollar Man and Buddy Faro.

(1966) starring Adam West & Burt Ward

2. KAREN SISCO (2003) starring Carla Gugino & Robert Forster

3. A MAN CALLED SLOANE (1979) starring Robert Conrad

4. THE FANTASTIC JOURNEY (1977) starring Jared Martin & Ike Eisenmann

(1973) starring Bill Bixby

6. THUNDARR THE BARBARIAN (1980) by Ruby-Spears

7. BANYON (1972) starring Robert Forster

8. TARZAN (1978) by Filmation Studios

9. TARZAN (1966) starring Ron Ely

10. PRIVATE EYE (1987) starring Michael Woods


Lance said...

Totally agree with you about Hawaiian Eye and the Filmation Tarzan. Also a short-lived Michael Mann show called "Private Eye" with Michael Woods and Josh Brolin (and a very cool theme song by Joe Jackson).

Also: The Green Hornet with Van Williams and Bruce Lee!

Paul Allan Ballard said...

I really want a Thundarr dvd also, maybe with some scans of the Toth and Kirby designs in the extras.

Charles Gramlich said...

I could go with Batman and Thundarr. The rest, eh, probably not.

BrittReid said...

so, why doesn't The Green Hornet make the Top 10? ;-)

Cunningham said...

I'm a bit more ambitious:

I not only want someone to release these on DVD/Hulu/etc...

But I want a big-budget THUNDARR movie using all of Kirby and Toth's designs...

And I want a new MAGICIAN TV series (USA net?) using the original paradigm set forth by Bixby that all of the illusions occur in real-time with no cut-aways.

Make it so...

Christopher Mills said...

Well, Charles, that's why this is *my* list and not yours.

Britt - HORNET would have been #11, if that's any consolation.

Nick Ahlhelm said...

I want the early nineties series Raven with Jeffrey Meeks & Lee Majors. Best ninja in Hawaii show ever.

Oh, and exactly one episode of the Tarzan cartoon is available on DVD on Saturday Morning Cartoons: 1970s Volume 1, a DVD that isn't as great as it should be.

Martin Powell said...

I'd love to see BATMAN, TARZAN (both Ely and the animated version), and THE MAGICIAN on DVD. I loved those shows.

Pidde Andersson said...

Thanks for posting the Tarzan intro! I've had this obscure memory of watching Tarzan on TV when I was 4-5 years old, and that it began with Tarzan standing on a waterfall. Haven't seen it since, had no idea what this was more than an image that made a huge impression on me more than 35 years ago!

Jay said...

Thundarr is waaaaaaay overdue. Seriously!

The Evil DM said...

I used to have a variation of the Tarzan intro posted on the door to my room.

"My room is filled with beauty, and danger..."

Yes I am a life long Geek!

Dave said...

I, too, agree with both Tarzans, Batman, and the Magician. I would add T. H. E. Cat, and Coronet Blue.