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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day of the Dolph Fan

I've always liked Dolph Lundgren as an action star. I never really thought he had much range, or that very many of his films were any good, but he was always convincing kicking people's asses or shooting them, and , thanks to his appearance, he possesses a formidable screen presence. I mean, think back to Dolph as Ivan Drago in Rocky 4 - that was a classic screen heavy. I'm pleased that he's back in the mainstream public's eye again somewhat after years in the direct-to-video realm, with the forthcoming, all-star action flick The Expendables, getting so much anticipatory buzz.

Well, I have to readjust my evaluation of the man even further upwards, I think.

He recently appeared on a Swedish awards show, The Melodifestivalen (The Festival of Melodies), where, instead of simply lumbering out, reading a few jokes and names off the teleprompter, and then heading backstage, he... well, see for yourself:

(Gah! Even I'm ashamed of the pun in the post title!)


NoelCT said...

That could have been terribly embarrassing, but it somehow became the latest most awesome thing ever.

kevkay1 said...