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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Gordon Scott's Tarzan on DVD!

At last! Gordon Scott's Tarzan swings onto DVD!

Having recently made available the five Lex Barker Tarzan titles, the Warner Archives online store is now offering all six Gordon Scott Tarzan films on burn-to-order DVDs.

These are not available in retail stores nor sites like Amazon, are a bit pricey and feature no extras, but at least they're in their proper aspect ratios (I can't wait to see Tarzan's Greatest Adventure and Tarzan the Magnificent in widescreen!). As with the Lex Barker titles, they go for $19.99 a pop, though you can buy them in a set for a better price (roughly $10 each). Here's the link.

Man, I really wish I had some money!!! There are now nearly two dozen titles offered through the Warners Archive program that I'm dying to get! Aside from the eleven Tarzan films, there's Gene Roddenberry's 70s sci-fi pilots Genesis 2 and Planet Earth, Doc Savage, Man of Bronze, Captain Sindbad, The Bermuda Depths, Captain Nemo & the Underwater City, and the pilot film for The Man from Atlantis.


Chad Carter said...

Oh hells yes. Finally TARZAN'S GREATEST ADVENTURE is at least available. My favorite of all, in fact. And because we're never satisfied, how about Jock Mahoney's as well?

Christopher Mills said...

I have to assume that the Jock Mahoney and Mike Henry films will be along soon.