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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Like This Comic: Super Human Resources

I don't write about comic books (other than my own) here very often because I don't read many new comics. I can't afford to buy anything regularly, and there isn't a comic store nearby. I do read comics all the time, but they're usually older books from my collection.

Every once in a great while, though, one of my publishers will send me a few books to check out, and that happened last week. David Hedgecock at Ape Entertainment sent me a small CARE package of recent Ape titles, and while all of them were good and well-worth reading/buying, I was especially impressed by the Super Human Resources collection by writer Ken Marcus and artist Justin Bleep.

It can most easily be described as The Office with superheroes, but that does the book a bit of a disservice. It's actually considerably better than that.

Originally published as a four issue miniseries, SHR tells the story of Tim, a somewhat nerdy temp worker who is hired by Super Crises International (SCI), the corporate headquarters of a team of superheroes, to help out in their billing department. Basically, SCI's like any other big corporation, except that the receptionist is a zombie, the research department is run by a horny android, there's a mysterious caped crusader living in the basement, and the copy machine has just become sentient. Other than that, it's just like every office you've ever inhabited a cubicle in, with all the petty power struggles, surprise birthday parties, holiday gift exchanges, and monotonous paperwork that makes a job a sentence.

Super Human Resources is a lot of fun, and very funny.

You can read the entire first issue online here, for free, or you can check out the SHR website here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the mention, Chris. We really appreciate it. Looking forward to more Femme Noir!


John Platt said...

I read this in "floppy" format and loved it. A rare gem.