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Friday, April 11, 2008

More Femme Noir Reviews!

Blogger Britt Schramm reviews Issue #1 of the forthcoming miniseries:
Overall, Femme Noir: The Dark City Diaries #1 takes a relatively underutilized genre in comics and makes it a viable one. The action is fast and the women look even faster. And while the story concludes without the big reveal of the title character, it does whet the appetite for the next issue, which is what any good introductory issue should do.
While the fine folks at Project Fanboy take looks at Issue #1:
This book has it all: mobsters, tough guys, tougher gals, no nonsense cops, and lots of gunplay! Everything you'd expect from a book titled Femme Noir. Christopher Mills' story has a great feel for the time period, and is very engaging. Each of the three sub-stories leaves you saying, "It's gotta be her!!!" until you read the next one, which is exactly the way it should be. The art is expertly executed (what you'd expect from and Eisner award winner) and compliments the story perfectly. Staton hits the mark of bridging everything you love about old crime/noir stories and gives it a slight modern sheen. It's safe to say that everything really comes together, and the noir vibe is in full effect!
...and Issue #2:
This story continues the compelling crime/noir feel that was initiated with the first issue. While archetypical to the genre, I found the story to still manage to be fresh and compelling, giving some pulpy nods to its inspirations. The sub-plotting introduces and develops some "lesser" (for now, at least) characters, drives the main plot, and continues the mystery of "who is Femme Noir?" by trotting out all the possible suspects just long enough to keep you wondering. Joe Staton's art continues to be top notch and, once again, really ties the whole crime/noir vibe together. I'm looking forward to seeing how this mini-series develops.
Let's hope the good press attracts some paying customers!

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Charles Gramlich said...

Definitely some nice commentary. I'm searching out comic book stores in my area this weekend. I've got a list.