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Friday, December 28, 2007

Looking Toward 2008

Well, 2007 is just about over, and not a moment too soon.

Unless this is your first visit to this weblog, you know that 2007 was a year of hell for yours truly, a year that began with having a cancerous organ removed – a painful, frustrating incident that set the tone for the entire year.

But 2007 wasn't a total wash. I've managed to get at least three – and possibly a couple more – comics projects lined up for next year, which will make it by far the best year I've had as a writer since my first published work back in '90.

First out of the gate should be Kolchak Tales: Night Stalker of the Living Dead, a three-issue, full-color miniseries from Moonstone Books, based on the cult classic television series. The art is by the amazing Tim Hamilton, the covers by Dave Aikens, and colors by Ian Sokoliwski. The first issue has been solicited for March.

Then comes the 7-years in the making epic, Femme Noir: The Dark City Diaries. Based on a webcomic that first hit the 'net in 2001, this four-issue, full-color miniseries from Ape Entertainment is pencilled by the legendary Joe Staton, inked by Horacio Ottolini and Mark Stegbauer, and colored by Melissa Kaercher and Matt Webb. The covers have been digitally painted by Alfredo Lopez over Joe's pencils, and we have variant covers by Brian Bolland, Phil Hester and the late Mike Wieringo. This looks like it'll be hitting shelves around May or so.

Following within a month or two of that title, comes Perils on Planet X, another full-color, 3-issue miniseries from Ape. Based on another of my webcomics (originally drawn by Jon Plante), this interplanetary swashbuckler is illustrated by the talented Gene Gonzales and colored by Ian Sokoliwski. We're shooting for a Summer release.

Speaking of shooting, Rick Burchett and I, aided and abetted by Fred Harper, are currently plotting a new caper for Gravedigger. Right now, it looks like it'll be an original graphic novel called The Predators, with the original one-shot, The Scavengers, included as a back-up "Bonus Feature." Rick pencils, Fred inks, and we're hoping it'll be out in late '08 or right at the beginning of '09.

I'm also still working on the Captain Midnight revival for Moonstone Books, and working on a graphic novel adaptation of an upcoming theatrical horror film.

There's a few more prose stories on tap for '08, as well, including my Avenger story, a Captain Midnight adventure, and some new crime fiction.

Health-wise, I'm feeling a lot better, and I'm hopeful that I will continue to improve. The bi-pap machine has not only helped combat the effects of my sleep apnea, but it's aided in bringing my blood pressure under control for the first time in my adult life. After consulting with my doc, I've also formulated a weight-loss program, and have high hopes in that area.

Now, I just need to scrape up some steady paying work.

I want to thank all of the readers of this blog for their continued interest, support, feedback, and friendship over the last twelve months or more. Not only has it been extremely gratifying to know that people were making a point of reading my self-indulgent drivel, the occasional words of encouragement from you folks helped me through some very rough times.


Here's hoping that we all have a great 2008!


Craig Zablo said...

2007 was a rough year, Chris... not as bad as your year, but still overall one of the toughest I can remember. So, yeah, bring on 2008!

vidsaw said...

Good Luck in 2008 Chris, it sure sounds like this year is shaping up to be a good one for you. I'll be reading!

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. That makes a huge difference. My blood pressure has gotten a bit out of control after a couple of years of being controlled, so I haven't been feeling that good at the end of the year, but I hope the docs will try a new medicine when I go back to them in January.

Congrats to you on all the writing successes too. 2007 was a great year for me in writing, the best I've ever had. But I have good momementum going into 08 so I hope it will be good as well.

bish8 said...


Hope your health continues to improve in '08. It sounds as if your writing is also getting on the right track -- good momentum going into the year, which will hopefully lead to more assignments, etc.

I'm hoping for somw writing breaks myself. Have a new Y/A novel half finished and have finally got on track with a new cop novel. If the writer's strike would end, I also have some thing cooking in that area. So, we'll see.

Best of the new year to you!


Brian Meredith said...

It's good to hearing that things are improving for you, Chris. Best of luck next year!