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Monday, November 19, 2007

Doctor Who: Timecrash

I don't know how many readers of this blog are Doctor Who fans, or have been following the current series with David Tennant, but here's a 7 min. "minisode" done for British charity wherein the current Doctor encounters one of his previous incarnations. If you're not familiar with Doctor Who, this will just be 7 minutes of two Brits spouting technobabble at each other at high speed.

Well, here it is – until the BBC has YouTube delete it:

Hopefully, the BBC will include this on the Series 4 DVDs.

Anyway, I very much like David Tennant in the role, and Peter Davison is probably my second-favorite Doctor (after the late Jon Pertwee), so I enjoyed this a lot. I particularly like the clever way that writer Steven Moffat accounted for Peter Davison's aging and the new interior of the TARDIS.

You know, I really need to get that Five Doctors Special Edition DVD...


Sidney said...

Thanks for that. I'm a big Who fan but didn't realize that had turned up yet.

I thought the ending to the second Tenant season was stunning.

Christopher Mills said...

Still waiting on my Series 3 DVDs – but I thought Tennant's first season was great, and am anxious to see more.

Charles Gramlich said...

I could never get into Dr. Who.

John Platt said...

I've been watching Tennant's first season on BBC America. Fun stuff. But this... kind of odd.

James Diggs said...

I think they did a real good job. Frankly I was kind of worried it wouldn’t work but they proved me wrong and poulled it off masterfully.



W Lampkin said...

I thought they did a good job blending in Tennant's appreciation of Peter Davison's Doctor. Apparently Tennant grew up watching Doctor Who when Davison was on, so Davison really was his favorite.