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Saturday, February 10, 2007

The P.I.s

Still not on my feet, really, nor at the keyboard to speak of, this missive notwithstanding. Still in some pain (although, hopefully, once the two-score metal staples in my side are removed, that will help some), which should come as no surprise, since I'm a 41 year-old, 325 lb. couch potato with a foot-long slice in me. It's amazing I can sit up or move at all. Home video, then, is – even moreso than usual – my best friend.

Fortunately, Universal came through with a box of review DVDs today, including the third season of The Rockford Files (premiere private eye show of the 70's) and the sixth season of Magnum, P.I. (ditto for the 80's), which should help the weekend fly by with the illusion of some speed.

Big fan of both shows, although I'm not deluded. Rockford is a much better program, with far better writing and smarter scripts, but sometimes, that Magnum pineapple fluff is just what one's looking for – epecially doped up on pain pills.

More later.


Gary Chaloner said...

James Garner was one of Will Eisner's choices to play The Spirit (when asked back in the 70s). I've had the fancy that Tom Selleck might've made a good John Law as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Boss,

Good to hear some news from you, even if it's just a little tidbit!


Gary - a young James Garner would have been the perfect choice for The Spirit. Tom Selleck projected the right attitude, but I'm not sure he'd have looked "right."