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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Birthday, Boris!

As I prepare to set out for my sister's place for Thanksgiving dinner, I'm already planning my DVD watching upon my return home later this evening. You see, not only is it Thanksgiving for us Yanks, but it is the birthday of legendary limey William Henry Pratt as well, the sinisterly lisping star better known as Boris Karloff.

As befits the day, I'm particularly thankful that both Universal and Columbia saw fit to dip into their respective film vaults and unearth their remaining Karloff treasures on DVD this year. Between the two collector's sets, we now have availaible – for the first time on home video, in many cases – such relatively obscure melodramatic treasures as Night Key, The Man They Could Not Hang, Before I Hang, Tower of London, The Strange Door, The Climax, The Black Castle and The Boogie Man Will Get You!

As for my holiday viewing, I think this evening calls for a showing of The Black Room, which features the distinguished Gentleman of Horror shining in dual roles as twin brothers, ably directed by Sherlock Holmes vet, Roy William Neill.

Happy 119th Birthday, Boris – and a Happy Thanksgiving to the rest of you!

* Look for my thoughts on Casino Royale later tonight or tomorrow. Still processing....

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Happt T-Day, Boss!